Group Introduction

          TEAM SOURCE GROUP, a wholly-owned and holding subsidiary of 7, the total assets of nearly 26.9  millions USD, more than 960 employees. 


Branch have:

Shenzhen Team Source Technology Co. Ltd., 
Shenzhen  Team Source Display Technology Co., Ltd.,  
Dongguan Team Source Display Technology Co. Ltd.,  
Shenzhen Rise Optoelectronics Co. Ltd.,
Shenzhen Baige automation equipment Co., Ltd.,
Shenzhen Yi Xin electroplating Co. Ltd.,
Ganzhou Lintron Industrial Co. Ltd.,
Team Source (Hongkong) Limited


          Cross industry large-scale group company. Involved in electronic components, liquid crystal display, LED lighting, smart assembly manufacturing, electroplating, education, mining, international trade and other industries.

          After 13 years of efforts and development, has successfully become the industry's well-known brands, and to the international market.